Night-time-sky-1016347 I did this piece in Photoshop. The mean idea of this piece is the  night t so I try to make  all the effects that you can feel one day in the middle on the night in the forest. Doing this I learned how make this shining and whit effect on the moon.
 halloween-1016347 It was pretty fun did this piece because the theme of this picture was Halloween so the pictures has scary to looks like a zombie.
 chrismas1016347 It is totally differed make effects in a picture than create an image. In this case I use pen-tool to make the slopes an de tree too. For me is more difficult create this type of images because you have to create everything but I like it.
 t-shirt-1016347 I create this shirt for my school. the mean idea of this pieces was make something different, and young. So I did this to represents the school and something that I would like to wear.
 1016347-dispersion This is one of my favorite’s pieces. In this picture you can see an unusual effect, and before do this I was looking for a picture that you can appreciate this type of effect.

It was my first work in illustrator. Illustrator is totally different to Photoshop but I like it. When I was working with illustrator I did similar works like that (logos for companies).

 BREADLOGO1016347 This logo was for Organic Bread Company. Before created this logo I was thinking the rules about a good logo has to have :  simple, timeless, memorable, scalability, etc. And after that I created this.
 1016347-Polaroid I did this picture on Photoshop. I like this effect because it makes the picture lo0ks nice and it’s really easy to do.
 juncal-1016347  When I did this picture it was a little be hard and fun because I had to find things to make my name so I was looking for different shapes. It was ones of my first works on Photoshop.
 CD-front1016347 This piece was huge project because I was designing a CD cover for the school’s band. So when you do these types of designs you have to start doing cautions about how they want their DC cover like: favorite colors, themes, types of letters, etc. It tooks time to made but it was something different.
 1016347-value                                      I love this picture, I love the contrast did I make too, because wanted the attention was only en ones orange and the background was black and white.I love use Photoshop in this types of effects.
 panda-bear1016347 I did this piece on illustrator. The point of these pieces was making a cute a love and lovely panda. To make this panda cute I work   more in the eyes.
 3D-effect   this is a 3D effect.looks really goog and you can do it en 8 min!!!!

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